The Future of Healthcare with Test to Treat by On/Go

September 27, 2022

While we’ve seen COVID-19 infections trending down and officials saying the pandemic is over, around 400 people are still dying from COVID-19 each day.

Despite being in a much better position in the pandemic with vaccines, effective treatments, and easy and accessible testing to help slow the spread of COVID-19, many people aren’t using the tools available to them to assist in getting better, faster. Only 11% of Americans with COVID-19 are prescribed an antiviral

The current process is expensive with both time and money, doctor costs, traveling to get your prescription, and lack of resources all contributing to the lack of antiviral adoption. People seeking treatment may wait for hours to be evaluated, days for an approval, and then even longer to have treatment in their hands.

And, when it comes to COVID treatments, time is of the essence. Paxlovid, the FDA EUA authorized antiviral treatment for COVID-19, needs to be taken within five days of symptoms appearing. Finding an available appointment with a medical professional in that time frame has been a challenge for many and has impeded access to treatment. 

To combat this gap, we created Test to Treat, a completely free option, right in our On/Go app. With Test to Treat, eligible individuals can fill out a form, get approval, and receive antiviral COVID treatment quickly and free of charge with the option to pick up or have the medication delivered directly to their home. 

We now have the tools to control the spread of COVID-19, but it’s not always easy for people to access them quickly, easily, and affordably. With Test to Treat, we ensure that eligible people can start their antiviral prescriptions almost immediately. From test results to prescription fulfillment to rapid delivery to lingering symptoms —  we have your back.

To experience On/Go Test to Treat, download the On/Go mobile app and visit

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