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Introducing the On/Go Care Solutions, a support solution that is available for free in the On/Go mobile app to help you feel better, faster. Now, On/Go is there for you throughout your entire COVID-19 journey, from testing to recovery. 

We're more than a testing company, we're a caring company.

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Up-to-Date Information

Constantly changing COVID-19 guidelines got you confused? Carole Solutions is the easiest way to access ever-evolving information regardless of your COVID-19 status.

Helpful Videos

Watch engaging videos, authored by a medical professional, to get answers to common COVID-19 questions and help tackling some tough conversations.

Purchase Tests

When you're feeling good and ready to get back out there, do it with confidence. Buy more On/Go or On/Go One tests so you can be ready for your first post-quarantine hug.
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Need to talk to a doctor?
We can help with that, too

For medical assistance, Care Solutions offers access to a network of partners, directly in the On/Go app. We have experts, specializing in COVID and long COVID care here to help answer your questions.

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