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We believe everyone, everywhere should have the ability to live happier and healthier lives, knowing they have an affordable, smart and reliable testing solution that's available anytime, anywhere. To accomplish this goal, our comprehensive On/Go solution spans from testing to treatment to recovery, wherever and whenever people need them most

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On/Go and On/Go One at-home COVID tests

What are On/Go and On/Go One tests?

Whether you're looking for something to have on hand or for something that fits in the palm of your hand, the On/Go and On/Go One rapid COVID-19 antigen self-tests and companion app make testing quick, simple and portable. For those at home and those on the go. On/Go and On/Go One are there for you!

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At On/Go, we want to empower you to keep your employees safe, show them care and stay open for business. We believe that targeted, timely communication, adherence to valid, repeated testing and availability of real-time data provide the best solution for keeping your work family safe.

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On/Go For Good

On/Go For Good- Join the Movement

On/Go for Good is a charitable initiative within Intrivo that was created to engage in philanthropy and support humanitarian causes across the world, beginning with the crisis in Ukraine.

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Our top-rated iOS and Android mobile app delivers an intuitive testing experience. The On/Go app provides rapid test results, tracks your testing history and lets you easily share results with those who need to know. Join the millions of people using On/Go!

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