Return to Work Safely with Rapid COVID Tests

December 15, 2021

Returning to the Office Safely with Rapid COVID tests

Navigating Roadblocks in “Return to Work”

So far, the plans to return-to-office amid the pandemic have had a lot of road blocks. According to a survey of executive leaders, 66 percent of organizations have been delaying office reopening due to COVID variants.Similarly, 54 percent of professionals have reported that their employer changed its return-to-workplace plans because of the surge in infections.


With infection rates, mask mandates and individual comfort levels all serving as top-of-mind concerns for returning to office, company leaders have a responsibility to determine how to return to work safely. The good news is the Delta variant seems to be declining but office re-openings are further complicated by the holiday season and approaching winter months. Thankfully, the CDC recently outlined guidance for businesses and employers to help prevent workplace exposure, which includes implementing a new approach to testing.  


Particularly as 76 percent of employees in New York City are projected to return to office by the end of January 2022 and other offices across the country are reopening, it’s clear that companies need to act now and develop a COVID-19 plan that includes testing to help their workforce return to office confidently. Here’s how:


How On/Go Can Help Companies Return to the Office with Rapid COVID tests

On/Go is a reliable and affordable, rapid antigen COVID test that delivers results in just 10 minutes. To make your testing experience as easy as possible, On/Go is paired with an intuitive, guided testing app to take you through the testing steps and provide real-time uploading of results. The On/Go app can also track your testing history and lets you easily share results with those who need to know.

Through our DaaS (Diagnostic as a Service) model, we offer an all-in-one solution that includes at-home rapid tests and integrated technology. Our rapid COVID tests are linked to a proprietary AI-powered cloud management platform which allows employers and population health managers to understand what is going on with their employees in real time.

By implementing Intrivo’s testing-to-tracing COVID solution, employers can help keep their employees safe, show them care and stay open for business. We believe that targeted, timely communication, adherence to valid, repeated testing and availability of real-time data provides the best solution for keeping your work family safe.


We believe that On/Go will help remove roadblocks and give your employees the green light and the confidence to safely return to office. Learn more about On/Go tests and our DaaS solution at:


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