No More Tricks on Halloween: How to Make the Holiday Fun and Safer!

October 21, 2022

Halloween is quickly approaching and sure to be jam-packed with fun memories for you and your Trick or Treating squad! However you choose to celebrate the upcoming holiday, revel safely with these easy-to-follow COVID-stopping tips, and reward yourself with some extra candy for a job well done — don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us!

Keep a Safe 6-Foot Distance

For many, the time of strict social distancing seems to be in the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still practice on your own! Keeping a distance from other groups of trick-or-treaters is such an easy way to practice your COVID-busting habits, especially while trick-or-treating outdoors! Have a quick talk with your kids before you leave the house, and stress the importance of staying 6 feet or more away from other groups.

Stash Hand Sanitizer in your Pocket

One of the easiest ways to stay sanitary is to wash your hands before you leave, and keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket or bag for sticky situations…no pun intended. This runs a great dual purpose of keeping your group’s hands clean and free from candy-induced messes if anyone sneaks a bite. These adorable and functional hand sanitizer holders serve double duty; dole them out to each member of your group and encourage them to use after every home.

Test Before you Go

No big event is complete without a negative COVID-19 test, and the easiest way to test is with an at-home test. It’s a great way to add a layer of confidence while out and about! Stock up on our On/Go One home tests for 98% accuracy in just 15 minutes, which means you can swab the kiddos and get those insta-worthy snaps while you wait for your test results. Under $10 per test means an easy way to check up on everyone’s health!

Get Vaccinated and “BOO”sted 👻

Vaccinations are one of the best lines of defense against the more serious side effects of COVID-19, according to the CDC, and staying boosted keeps the defense levels strong! For your children, be sure to know the status, but think about sending a quick text or placing a casual call to get the rest of the group’s vaccination status, so you can be informed.

Go Trunk-or-Treating

More and more parents are taking their kiddos to trunk-or-treat, a great alternative to the full-blown, sometimes chaotic neighborhood sweep. Essentially Halloween tailgating, trunk-or-treat allows parents and caretakers to create a smaller, more manageable environment for their children to enjoy. COVID season makes a trunk-or-treat event worthwhile; the less people everyone is exposed to, the better!  You can get really creative and dress your car up in a particular theme; we found a great list of fun car decoration ideas from the Pioneer Woman to check out here.

Wear a Mask (Not just for a Costume!)

For some parents going trick-or-treating this year, they might feel more comfortable with their kiddos in a mask, and that’s completely okay. There are plenty of fun, family friendly masks to choose from, and many options for costumes that coordinate with matching masks. You could also get creative before leaving the house, and provide each trick-or-treater in your group with a white mask and Sharpie; encourage them to let their imagination run wild, and have them draw the silliest or scariest mouth they can imagine. Children always enjoy things more when they’re allowed to participate and feel included, so make it a fun and enjoyable event to keep participation high! While not required, masks have been proven to slow the spread of COVID when worn properly and consistently, according to the CDC.

Whether you are planning to stay home and binge scary movies, go trunk-or-treating, or make it a goal to hit every house this year, we hope you have a safe and memorable holiday!

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