Getting Together Safely This Holiday Season

COVID Testing and the Holiday Season

With the holidays around the corner, people around the country are starting to consider their travel plans and how to safely spend time with their friends and family. Many of us are weighing the risks of gathering and asking ourselves questions like: Is everyone vaccinated? Should we eat outside? Are we going to wear masks? Can I hug grandma? 

Since many generations gather to celebrate holidays, including some that aren’t eligible for a vaccine, it’s particularly important that people take measures to protect their own and their loved one’s health. 

One safety measure that can, and should, be utilized for groups celebrating the holidays together is COVID-19 testing prior to arrival. It’s quick and easy to take a rapid test the morning of the holiday gathering, and by taking a test, individuals can confidently gather knowing they don’t have the virus and won’t transmit it to the people around them. By having everyone in the family take a rapid test, even if already fully vaccinated, it massively reduces the risk of potentially spreading COVID-19 unknowingly.

With On/Go, an FDA-authorized at-home rapid COVID-19 self-test, people can confirm they don’t have the virus before showing up for the holiday celebrations. The test delivers 95% accuracy in just 10 minutes through a unique AI-powered mobile app and can detect all known COVID-19 variants. 

With Thanksgiving next week, we encourage people to “share their status” with their loved ones and get tests COVID tests NOW before getting together for the holidays holidays.

Visit and enter TOGETHERAGAINR458 at checkout to receive 30% off your purchase up to three boxes of On/Go COVID Tests, valid from today through Thanksgiving.

Once you’ve taken your On/Go test, you can share your test results by easily adding to your health passport or texting and emailing your latest results to your family and friends. 

Together, the On/Go test and companion app can help friends and families enjoy the holidays together. To learn more or order a self-test, please visit:

The CDC is continuously updating their holiday guidance, for more information on how to celebrate the holidays safely, please visit the CDC’s website

Please note, offer code “TOGETHERAGAINR458” is valid from November 17th to November 24th, 2021 for orders up to 3 boxes on our web store. Discount is not on Amazon, or wherever else On/Go is available.
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