Get Together with 2Gather: COVID Testing for Events

December 30, 2021

Introducing 2Gather: Your Solution for Safe Events and Gatherings in the age of COVID

After almost two years of doing the remote thing, we are all eager to again enjoy face to face experiences, whether social gatherings, dinner parties, yoga classes or even company meetings. 

In order to host or attend events with the confidence all of us deserve, On/Go has launched 2Gather - an all-in-one solution for event-focused COVID-19 testing, available for free on the On/Go mobile app.

How 2Gather Works

Let’s say you are planning to host a karaoke night in your house. The first thing you’ll need to do is decide the guest list. From there, it gets much easier:

1. Create the event on the On/Go app; you know the drill - you name it, select date and time and input location.

2. Purchase the On/Go COVID-19 tests for your guests, which they can have delivered directly to their homes.

3. You share the event with your guests - via the On/Go app. It’s seamless and simple, just like you’d expect it to be.

4. Your guests get the event link and download the On/Go App. They confirm their attendance and input their address to get the On/Go antigen self-test kit.

5. As the event organizer, you can see testing confirmation for all your guests.

COVID Testing for Any Event with 2Gather

2Gather can work for any type of event or gathering, be it social or work related. Whether an intimate social event, like that karaoke night, a dinner party, or your child’s birthday, to small department meetings and off-site days.

The 2Gather solution has no number limitations. Your daughter is finally getting married. She’s been holding it off for 18 months now, because she always hoped for a large, outdoor ceremony. Not a problem. With 2Gather you can create an event with hundreds of participants.

Employers can take their entire company on a fun day and manage the whole COVID-19 testing via the On/Go app. 

Safe, Convenient, and Simple

2Gather allows you to plan and attend events and gatherings with ease of mind, confidence and simplicity.

A single solution that ‘solves’ the need for testing in order to enjoy safer events. No guesswork, no awkward discussions regarding testing procedures.

An event is created, all participants get the On/Go antigen self-test, the event organizer views the entire guest list testing status.

Now that we got that covered for you, you just need to make sure you throw a great event. That’s on you.

Plan your next event with 2Gather

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