Carry on Your Luggage With Confidence by Packing These Essentials

October 3, 2022

Travel is quickly picking up, and it seems now is possibly the worst time for traveling with checked luggage with rising complaints and rates of mishandled luggage, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation data.

Many travelers are now opting to carry on luggage instead of checking it to save time, money, and the trouble of checking baggage. From increasing checked luggage fees to potentially losing your luggage altogether, the best option is to pack as much as you can into your carry-on. Make sure it’s all TSA-approved so going through security isn’t any more complicated.

Of course, you don’t want to forget anything, so here are five carry-on essentials to help you have a flawless trip!

Mini First Aid Kit

Having a mini first aid kit will prepare you for any small bumps or bruises you experience on your travels (let’s be honest, they’re bound to happen at some point). You can make your own or buy a small one at a convenience store or Amazon; we love this "On-The-Go First Aid Kit" from Welly. As long as the kit you choose includes the essentials like hand-cleansing wipes, gauze pads, and Band-Aids, you’ll be set!

Expandable Water Bottle

We all know that airport snacks and beverages are INSANELY overpriced. To help avoid those pesky impulse-buy charges showing up on your credit card bill, bring an expandable water bottle that you can fill up after security. While an expandable bottle is the best for saving some space, any reusable bottle will help mitigate the cost of a plastic bottle, not to mention avoiding single-use plastic.

Copies of ID or Passport

One thing you absolutely don't want to deal with is having to jump through hoops to prove who you are! This can happen if your ID or passport needed to travel gets lost or stolen, whether you’re traveling domestically or internationally.

Having copies of those important documents — and most importantly, access to the information on them — will make the process a lot easier when you have to have them reissued at an embassy or official passport office. If you want something more official, you can always request copies of your passport records from the U.S. Department of State.

Specialty Packing Bags

Grabbing specialty packing bags are a total game changer when trying to efficiently utilize your carry-on space. Our top picks are vacuum seal bags, perfect for removing extra air and keeping clothes in a water-resistant container, and packing cubes, great for providing a rigid space for us more organizationally-challenged folks.

On/Go One

Testing is so important to make sure you aren’t contributing to the spread of COVID-19 while on your trip! Testing before, during, and after your trip will add a layer of confidence that allows you to travel without worrying about spreading the disease!

Unlike other rapid tests, On/Go One is the perfect addition to your carry-on due to its compact size; smaller than almost any smartphone! It’s portable, palmable packaging allows you to take it anywhere without compromising on space. If all else fails and you’re out of carry-on space, you can even store an On/Go One in your pocket.

Make sure you have a well-rounded carry-on with all of the essentials. Start packing for your trip now by heading over to our shop page to make sure you have On/Go on hand. Get packing, and safe travels!

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