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Our award-winning mobile app gets you immediate access to testing, medical evaluation and treatment when appropriate.

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Get same-day COVID-19 antiviral medications delivered right to your door when prescribed by our medical expert.


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Use Sniffles activation code to get evaluated by a medical expert and get recommended treatment delivered when prescribed.

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Feeling yucky? Sniffles by On/Go can help. Our get-well-soon box includes our award-winning COVID-19 at home rapid test, treats to make you feel better and a $20 voucher to connect with a medical expert for diagnosis and recommended treatment when appropriate.

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Our On/Go app gives you 24/7 access to trusted reliable care rapidly which means less hassle and more convenience, saving you time and money.


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Don’t get caught empty handed when you need it most! With over 50,000 consumer reviews and a 4.8 star rating On/Go is trusted by millions of people. Stock up on our On/Go One tests for rapid reliable results anytime anywhere.

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